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Introductory Chemistry Online (ICOL) was developed specifically for use at the University of Illinois at Chicago in the Introductory Chemistry course (CHEM 101). Many students in this class have a compromised background in science and math and benefit from a review of basic chemistry topics before they embark on the General Chemistry sequence. The content, and the sequence of ICOL is designed to parallel the first-semester General Chemistry course, introducing the concepts and the nomenclature, but at a less-comprehensive level. Historically, students successfully completing the course go on to complete (or excel in) the mainstream General Chemistry sequence.
The text consists of eleven chapters (about 200 pages) followed by lecture-slide mini-prints and sample exams in an inexpensive, black & white, spiral-bound textbook (about $50). Students typically utilize the "mini-prints"in lecture, directly annotating the slides and working in-class problems; the goal is to allow them to "write less and listen more". Instructors adopting the book are welcome to download (editable) versions of the lecture slides for class use (please contact us directly). The complete text of the First Edition is also available online (free) through ChemistryOnline.com.
The text and the Chemistry Online website has also become the centerpiece for the UIC Chemistry "Blended Learning Initiative". In this experimental approach, we attempt to provide sufficient online resources to enrolled students so that their attendance in class is "optional" (excluding exams and small-group Discussion Sections, of course). Students can hopefully "blend" their life-responsibilities with their educational pursuits and successfully prepare themselves for mainstream General Chemistry, and "beyond"!

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